Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bandits, Amazons, "Wondairful Señorita[s]" and More: The Rollicking, Fantastic Adventures of Wonder Woman in Mexico {via Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine}

I love it when my vocation and avocation converge as they do in this wonderful comic installment on Wonder Woman from the one and only Pappy's Golden Age Comic Blogzine! An illustrator and lover of classic comics (especially Wonder Woman, Gilbert Hernandez rendering opposite, with Luba!), and a curator of artifacts focused on constructions of "Mexicans" in U.S. mass culture, rarely do I chance upon an artifact that blends these worlds (not to mention my not-so-secret fetish for fantastically strong women!).  Here's a page from the issue featuring bandit "Mexicans," Wonder Woman, freakish Mayra the giant y mucho mas more. The entire comic story here.

¡Gracias, Pappy!

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