Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bizarre "White" Stereotypes

As perplexed and obsessed by "Mexican" stereotypes as this Galleryblog purports to be, it must also confess to its growing numbers of readers that it is as consumed by "white" figuration as it is by "brown"--the semiotic and lyric evocativeness of the Caucasian then, seduces ours eyes as well as the epidermal intrigues of a swarthier sort. Case in point, the marvelously hyperreal young lad to be seen in the Louisiana sweet porto (sic) rican potatoes yam crate cover that here follows:

Originally archived at the amazing, said human facsimile, produced with Warholesque, pre-photoshop™, gaudy contrasts, presents to the unaware, unassuming consumer a boggling face that delights even as it haunts.

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