Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Surgeon General Lou Dobbs and the Specter of Pathological Mexicans

Apparently, Mexican-fearing, CNN-talking-head, (and I do mean HEAD, as in cabezón) Lou Dobbs has gone utterly bonkers--all those years on his knees sucking the gas of Corporate CEOs must have left more than just lesions on his soul. The latest rage? Dobbs, a Mexican-American marrying, Mexican suegros harboring yerno, is going around spreading (talk about needing some hygiene) the word that undocumented Mexican immigrants are befouling the clean medical lands of America with leprosy and other diseases from their varmint-ridden bodies.


Check out this thread forwarded by ace reporter Josephine Veronica Nericcio, our North Hollywood industry mole.

Media Matters is hot down on Dobb's sources as well.

and, lastly, in living color, from San Diego, the home of some of our nation's most heated Mexican loathers, Dobbs's key Mexican Leprosy outbreak science correspondent, Dr. Madeleine Cosman:

The "Dr" in Cosman's title, and not just by the way, is for a PhD in Literature from Columbia. (credit!)

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