Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dadanoias's Eyegiene

All over the web there are people travailing as eyegienic archivists--sentient visual agents with this uncanny, superhuman capacity to see--a visual acuity that marries the archival instincts of a bookhead like Borges to the mischievous vision of Helmut Newton.

These latter days fusions of Michel Foucault and Manuel Alvarez Bravo plumb the depths of the world wide web in search of eye-candy; then, they hold it for us to study.

"Dadanoias" is one of these figures: an artist, photographer, eye-chivist, and model--her site is here. What I ran across on her site was this super cool kids book filled with representations of people from 7 different cultures--the Mexican one, pictured here, is priceless.

More soon.

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