Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More XicanOSMOSIS! Enrique Chagoya @ Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA)!

Enrique Chagoya's art is proof positive that a heady matrix of xicanosmotic fecundity is going to re-write the history of art in the early 21st-century:

"Chagoya . . . borrows from the canon of Western art, adapting works by Francisco Goya and Philip Guston (satirizing, respectively, Napoleon’s invasion of Spain and the Nixon administration) to contemporary political contexts (the Reagan and current administrations). He also often utilizes traditional Mexican approaches to art making; his paintings on aluminum directly refer to the folk art tradition of the ex-voto or retablo, while his paintings on amate—fig bark—allude to the ancient Aztec and Mayan codex books. Drawing on the rich tradition of Mexican political prints, particularly José Guadalupe Posada, Chagoya’s intelligent and witty narratives send up and, at times, celebrate the complicated cultural and psychological consequences of more than 500 years of contact and influence between worlds." original source

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  1. The art work by Enrique Chagoya is excellent. Thanks for introducing this great artist. I would to see more of his works when I visit the Berkeley Art Museum.