Friday, May 02, 2008

Prolegomena to a History of the Latina Bombshell...

CORRECTION! gracias to Angelica, who notes in the comments below, how that is Katie Jurado in the middle, there, NOT Dolores Del Rio! May the shades of these Latina goddesses forgive this blind blogger. Abrazos, Bill.

Elaine Ayala's Latino Life blog has the skinny!


Love to Laura G. Gutiérrez , the hotshot host of unsettling comforts, who zapped me this ElUniversalTV piece on Eva and her love for Mexican cinema...


  1. oh, can't wait to taste those Magnum Mayan Mystica bars when i'm down mexico way this summer.

    love the prolegomena...and you'll love this about/from "la prieta fea":

  2. Just so you know, the actress in the center of this picture is not Dolores del Rio but Katy Jurado.