Friday, May 16, 2008

Will Elder, RIP

Rest in Peace Will Elder, maddest MAD artist of them all, and (shhhhhhhh, don't tell any academics that know me) as big an influence in my thinking as Jacques Derrida! Long may your art deform and derange eyes across the world. is on this story as well.


  1. Further proof Nericcio is God: He knows who Will Elder is!!! Although I must say, everyone knows Don Martin is the true MADdest artist...

  2. You know you are good standing when the Chavo del Ocho of Cultural Studies and Southland journalism writes in with love and a chingaso... Don Martin is an interesting story--you know what he did 'Tavo! He left Mad, fed up with skinflint Gaines owning all his work and he fled to...... Yes, that's right, CRACKED, blimey, CRACKED. As a union whip, I am down with king of "Splorf" Martin, but going to CRACKED.... I know, I know, Severin ended up their doing yeoman's work for years and years... but CRACKED.... I just can't get that out of my head... I will take Jack Davis, Antonio Prohias, Al Jaffee and Willie Elder, and you can have Severin, Martin, "Duck" What his Name, and, a gift, Sergio Aragones. We will meet down at the corner for chingasos at seven! órale!