Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anti-Mexican Loathing Reaches New Heights

My thanks to my new correspondent Amy Sara Carroll of Michigan (by way of Corpus Christi, Tejas) who zaps me this sobering story from the Border:


THANKS TO ALL thanks joined us this past weekend as we serviced various rescue stations in the Imperial Valley. Sadly every one of the more than 40 stations we went to were vandalized and the water emptied out while the containers were slashed by a knife.

On June 14th there was a minutemen reunion in Campo, the same weekend one Mexican migrant was shot and killed and two others were injured. Coincidence?

Please be vigilante as attacks increasing. tonight on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS there will be a report on local and national immigration patterns, as well as day laborers, casa del migrante etc.

We need your help more than ever and you can greatly help our cause by buying a BORDER ANGELS TSHIRT on line or sending a donation to our all volunteer group so we can buy more water and supplies.


Enrique Morones
Border Angels
P.O. Box 86598
San Diego, CA 92138
(619) 269-7865


  1. hey i know enrique morones, he interviewed me last year on his radio show in chula vista, what he does is amazing, no matter what others call him segun a brown supremacist. well greetings from df. interesting observation: obama, most car agencies in mex have names and this one in df was called obama

  2. Thanks for providing an adress. Anything dollars I can spend to assist the border angels is money well spent.