Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Comic Art Indigène!

A tip of the sombrero to Cal State Fullerton brainiac Chicano profe Alexandro Gradilla (frameable picture) for pointing my eyes and cursor to a new exhibit/website entitled Comic Art Indigène at New Mexico's Museum of Indian Art and Culture. From the catalogue: 

"As an art form, comics are poorly understood, underanalyzed, and under-utilized. Created to be disposable yet widely read, comics are often dismissed as primitive and juvenile. Nevertheless, a generation of Native artists has embraced comics as an expressive medium. It is only natural that this marginal art appeals to oftmarginalized indigenous people, for both have been regarded as a primitive and malignant presence on the American landscape. ¶Like American Indian cultures, comic art is amazingly complex and adaptive. As the first widely-accessible mass media, comics were consumed by Indian people as a recognizable form of storytelling; expressing cultural stories through pictures."

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