Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Border Incident, 1949, featuring Ricardo Montalbán, Directed by Anthony Mann

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A tip of the cine-sombrero to David O. García who writes in with a tip for a film Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog readers need to screen (and that I, tonto, forgot to include in my University of Texas Press opus). I saw the movie, Border Incident, about a year ago on Turner Classic Films and meant to blog it and forgot--here's García's note to me:
I watched this movie last night and was surprised that the same issues in the movie apply now as they did then. The movie is factually straight forward and sympathetic in its depiction of the braceros and accurate in its portrayal of the smugglers who prey on the illegal workers. Some things never change.
From Netflix:
Mexican special agent Pablo Rodriguez (Ricardo Montalban) teams up with American counterpart Jack Bearnes (George Murphy) in an attempt to control an illegal alien smuggling ring operated by the ruthless Owen Parkson (Howard Da Silva). Director Anthony Mann, a specialist in both the crime and Western genres, was aided by the legendary black-and-white cinematographer John Alton in capturing the craggy desert lit by the ominous moon.

Here's Director John Sayles on BORDER INCIDENT

... and here are two stills from post-production publicity:

one more still off of etsy...

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