Thursday, July 10, 2008

Memin Pinguin Back in the News

Thanks to LeeSee at Hasta Los Gatos.

Memín Pinguin, who made a cameo here last January, is back in the news with tidings of a ban on sales of his comic books by WalMart in Houston. More here from CNN and here at SFWeekly. More from correspondent Raúl Ramos later today.


  1. Huge controversy over at Guanabee, check it out:
    Memin Pinguin Brings Good Old-Fashioned Racism To Wal-Mart (A Company That Is Not Racist)
    This is the address:

  2. Memin Pengiun is a controversy in the USA because Americans have had a long racial history and in the past, we can find all kind of "Negro" caricatures. Even Warner Bros. produced a few of them back in the day. Before Elmer Fudd became white, he was a black caricature who was a fool. Most Americans are ashamed of the past. Black Americans are outraged today when they find it, reminding them what their predecessors must have gone through. So, Memin gets the boot. And Memin is something from another culture and from another country with a different history. Over there, he's harmless. Here, he's trouble.

  3. This is what Latinos should say about Memin: stories good, caricature bad. Think of him as our Uncle Remus!