Tuesday, October 21, 2008

City College, San Diego, CA visit on Tuesday, October 21st at 12:45pm.

Later today I am invading San Diego's City College at the invitation of the Puente Project and the Department of English for a public lecture on Tex[t]-Mex and "Mexican" representation entitled Naked Stereotypes!

City College and SDSU are closely allied in history and people with many of their graduates entering our various and sundry BA/MA/MFA tracks and many of our SDSU populating their ranks in kind. In any event, I am in debt to Oscar Preciado and Elva Salinas (another star literature.sdsu.edu alum)for making it happen! Here's the poster....


  1. I was at the presentation some hours ago and I just wanted to express my gratitude for the inspiration you transmit with everything you say. I loved it, it was fun and your book has expanded my awareness of reality and for that I want to thank you :)

  2. You are very very welcome--the warm embrace of City College inspires me to do even more outrageous writing, even more risky thinking.... An amazing day: I am so in debt to Preciado, Salinas and all of the wonderful people of City College!!! Abrazos, Memo Nericcio

  3. I saw you at city college yesterday and I was so empowered and motivated. I can't wait to read your book.

  4. How funny--it works both ways; I left the lecture empowered and motivated by your reaction to my rap; I am in debt to YOU! abrazos, memo nericcio memo@sdsu.edu


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