Monday, June 01, 2009

The Naked Mirror Meets Sex in Film and Literature

As my Sex in Film and Literature class goes off into the sunset, I just wanted to thank my students for an amazing Spring 2009 and send them off with a link to some course-related art! Hit the link for more info on the art/vision of Favianna Rodriguez:

original posting 10/23/08

Even as me and my amazing students are hurtling ahead with our seminar entitled Naked Mirrors (Gustavo Arellano is in the house next Monday at 4pm at the Little Theatre, SDSU, reading/signing and taking questions about his new book Orange County: A Personal History), I am already looking ahead to next semester [Spring 2009] and my English 493 course on Sex in Film and Literature. A music video by Muse fuses the interests/concerns/desires/obsessions/targets of both classes. Directed by Matt Kirkby, here it is:

You can download a 52mb high-def version of an alternative video featuring the band here.

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