Monday, January 26, 2009

Carmen Miranda, From Bananas to Buttocks

Just have time to post a quick YouTube video in honor of Carmen Miranda as a plug for Myra Mendible's cool cultural studies tome for UT Press, From Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture.


  1. You need to post the fabulous photo in Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon II of Carmen flashing her, um, papaya mid-air!

  2. Cocino desgraciado!

    However, for academic reasons, you may have a point. So, ahem, where's a link to the picture!?????

  3. Cochinos degraciados! My kind of guys!
    We've been detailing stereotypes on our blog lately, today we discussed a woman who wasn't even aware she was coming across as a chola; which gives me insight in the self involved bubble we create around ourselves.
    Also wrote about the law students at Tulane who thought it was cute to have a party with "the Border" as a theme.
    I suppose Mexican are still fair game, they would never have dressed in black face.
    One idiot at the party (we provided the link) wore a homeboy cholo get-up, how clueless is that, at least get your stereotypes straight.
    We found all of these great links at Guananbee which is a treasure trove of great stories regarding stereotypes, nasty gossip and garden variety idiocy.
    Certainly one of our favorite sites.

  4. cool! thanks leesee for the knowledge and the links! gracias gracias, Memo.