Friday, June 12, 2009

Even Latina Mannequins Are Divorcée Strumpets

update | June 12, 2009

What happens when flaneur semioticians get into fights with strumpet "Latina" simulacra and...

...ersatz "Latino?" puppy dogs!

original posting 3/13/09

My thanks to Anabel Lima who mailed me this amazing update to my earlier posting regarding the ethnic mannequins that Old Navy is parading about these days. No surprise that "Eva," the Latina, is a hot to trot, divorcée harlot! Click to enlarge!

update, June 5, 2009

These bizarre videos, fusing multicultural focus group ethnic manneqins with the shilling of cheap cottons have some mesmerizing power about them! You can't look; you can't look away:

The Supermodelquins in Town Gown Proposal - Watch more Funny Videos

Of course, pregnancy chisme is the order of the day. The surprise, gringoesque Josh is the perp instead of swarthy Enrique!


  1. isn't the 'latina' mannequin the one in the white tee and turquoise tank top?

    seems like you are fighting the "asian ethnic mannequin"

    usted es peleonero con varias razas...

  2. ha! I think you are right! I just can't keep my "ethnic" mannequins straight--my apologies to automatonic mannequins of color everywhere!