Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mexican Americans as Cloaked Asians in Hollywood!

Anonymous "Mexican" from Hollywood sends this in!

Thought you'd find this funny....Yesterday I was back at {EXPUNGED} for a two week job. Now, at this place, I work in the {EXPUNGED} during the late shift. I usually just sit there quietly in front of a computer keyboard. Most of the people who come in and out are kinda dull, to be honest. Anyway, I'm back there yesterday and my co-worker (who I've known for years) tells me that two different people had asked where "the oriental girl" was. I'm the "oriental" girl!!! He says it was my black hair and reading glasses that confused them! Ha! By the way, their use of the word "oriental" will give you an idea of the kind of people I'm working around!

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