Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black and Brown: The African-American, "Mexican"/Latina|o Mix

Me and Gustavo Arellano are screening an ambitious schlock Hollywood classic, 100 Rifles, this coming Monday at the Tin Can Alehouse in San Diego--hit the image opposite or this link for the details. The film caused scandal when it appeared owing to an erotic scene between Raquel Welch and Jim Brown--no doubt this "scandal" was hyped by the publicity hacks at Marvin Schwarz Productions along with 20th Century Fox, the film's distributor.

But the appearance of this scene and the attendant uproar it ostensibly spurred or spermed, pardon the pun, does give us the chance to re-screen the film with a prepared cultural studies lens, to understand the narrative that unfolds in a way that sensitizes us to African American and Latina/o relations. The next time you hear someone rant about tension between ethnic bodies or worry about changing demographics in the Southern California and beyond, remember that the answer to all these problems is a little bit of understanding and whole lotta love.

End of sermon. Here's Jim Brown and Raquel Welch from 100 Rifles:

Here's some shots I have grabbed from across the internets of/from 100 Rifles:

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