Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Luchador/Mexican Wrestling Goodness from Carlos Avila | LUCHA LORDS EDITION

For the rad LUCHA LORDS site, hit the image above; and also be sure to check out Scarlett Johansson (as BLACK WIDOW) rip-off Mexican Wrestling moves in Iron Man II in this HDclip:


  1. not a rip off.. dont be so protective. she trained with luchadors to perfect those moves for the movie. its a sign of respect that a character that will get a LOT of attention chose that fighting style as the showcase. it works well with the character. its an effective way that a smaller combattant can overcome a much larger one.

  2. As I am a devoted Johansson acolyte, yee need have no fears that I sought to malign this magnificent figure, this goddess/diva of the silver screen; i was using the phrase "rip-off" as a synonym for "mash-up." In the age of simulacra and irony, any copy can be a nuanced homage!