Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roger Ebert on the US Flag/Cinco de Mayo Plato/Desmadre

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  1. Roger Ebert has my respect and support, and as for the personal insults that he has received, he can take it as well as dish it out, and knows full well that he is dealing with a lot of heat, and little or no light from the silly, if dangerous nativists, for whom I have even more bad news: 1.) Cinco de Mayo is not simply a cultural event, it is an Anti-Imperialist Celebration, and that aspect will be stressed now more than ever. 2.) If you don't like Mexican flags, your violent and illiterate antecedents should have stolen half of some other country at gunpoint. 3.) Your birth-rate is way lower than ours, is your "warlike" and "manly" posture a compensation for that?? 4.) Our soldiers, who returned from WW II loaded with medals way more per capita than did yours, found racism alive and vicious toward us as usual, and renewed with vigor our struggle for civil rights. So keep up your insults, and find yourself fighting your own racist wars. 5.) Your system is scrambling more and more to hide and deny it's corrupt values, and the whole world is watching, and laughing. 6.) You should get off your hatredness and join us in taking on our mutual exploiters the corporados, banksters, lying media, and parasitic elites, in both countries, rather than kissing their putrid butts, as you seem so enamoured of doing. In that sense you are scabs, the scum of the Earth.