Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fountain of Sensuous Latino Shape discovered: No curves? No problem!

Dear sir or madam: Is your non-Latina body depressing you today?

Jezebel (via Sociological Images) points us to the entrepreneurial Dr. Raquel Borges, from Venezuela living in the UK. She has developed yet another torture device to morph women's (and men's) bodies into a more acceptable (sexier, curvier-yet flatter) state.

Plus we all know that Latinas are the ones with the curves. Read it and weep Kimmie Kardashian. Hear that Coco? Stop taking over the Latina's curvy domain.

And for you other ladies and gentlemen who do not seek to usurp a body-type but merely emulate it? Then go get yourself some Bodyshapers. Get ready to "discover the secret of sexy Latino curves," point your mouse over to Real Body Shapers, order yourself something from the curve enhancing assortment and you too will look just like Sofía Vergara.

Oh... and don't forget to mention the code word "Latino" if you want to take advantage of the 10% discount. Happy Shopping!

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