Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Longoria Affair! Local Screenings!

From: gus chavez <>
Subject: Free film showing of The Longoria Affair

Free film showing of The Longoria Affair starts this Friday, March 18, 201. CSU San Marcos, MESA College & USD.

Please review and share with all on your email list.  This historical film places into perspective many of the past and present issues as well as abuses encountered  by Latinos and Latinas in San Diego County.
Thanks to the work of a dedicated group of folks at three local institutions of higher education, film presentations will be held at Cal State University San Marcos on Friday, March 18, San Diego MESA College - Monday, March 21 and at the University of San Diego (USD) on Tuesday, March 22. Please know that film producer John Valadez will be present at each of the showings. Mr. Valadez has shown the film in many communities, colleges and universities across the nation.  Free admission to the film presentation. (There may be parking charges at each campus) Information regarding the film presentations and contacts at each site are in the attached documents.  Coordination at each site is being done by: north San Diego County - Dr. Arcela Nunez-Alvarez (CSU San Marcos), central San Diego - Dr. Alberto Pulido (USD) and Mike Ornelas (MESA College).

Latinos and Latinas, as well as the general public and students in particular, are fortunate to have three local opportunities to view a great film. Please join us.  Thank you.

Gus Chavez

Film Screening of The Longoria Affair, a film by John J. Valadez

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