Friday, April 22, 2011

Jimmy Olsen and his Mexican Stereotypecasting Problems

PostModernBarney is replete with comic book lore, pop-culture, and movie screen icons of both female siren and hunky men persuasion. Here's his take on a found Jimmy Olsen comic book adventure.

"Oh, man…a “sleepy” latino, complete with poncho and sombrero. All he’s missing is a little burro on a string to complete the racist stereotype trifecta." by

No Sombrero? Not a Mexican peon.

Rosita is a lying Mexican vixen of course. She calls poor sappy Jimmy Olsen a "Stupid Gringo." (According to the set up premise of stereotypes, readers should assume she pronounced it Es-tiuped Grringo).

Check out the end when Jimmy Olsen's creators cast a nice generalization on the Roma too. If justice was served, the slap he got in the end was for the tired portrayals and caricaturizations, not for being a two-timing Ese.

For the whole postmodernbarney experience and the original post go here.

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