Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Restored! Naked in Black and White | from 2006 @ SDSU

When I resigned as Chair of SDSU English and Comparative Literature back in October 2009, I also relinquished (was yanked from) day-to-day duties as webmaster of the department; the result was that close to 20 years of webmastering was flushed down the toilet as a crew of little-engines-that-couldn't took over the site (before/after) and re-architected/remodeled me off the internets. Slowly but surely, I am bringing some of those sites back.  Here's one I really enjoyed from the summer of 2006, a course on film noir and pulp fiction done all in black and white.  Click the image on the right for the noir/pulp site.

Here's me working on my websites:

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