Thursday, March 22, 2012

Casting Call! Light-Skinned Hispanics in New Mexico! You've Got a Gig!

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  1. OMG. Where's that "dislike" button, Memo?

    Frankly, I find even the SF NM editorial to be a little soft on the perniciousness of this matter.

    Who hired the Texas Company? Some state agency?
    Why doesn't this local editorial call them out specifically? Is this related to the "tastes" of the carpetbagging Republican Gov... the "hispanic" from TX?

    We know TX and CA become the target audience for these ads because those states supply the steady stream of tourists (to say nothing of the second or third home owners) that bring money into the state. But to give TX and CA privilege to produce the spots?... To not hire a local production company? (of which there are MANY!)... And to not RIOT over this hideous casting call? This is horrifying. Thanks for posting.