Friday, April 06, 2012

Back on the KPFK Airwaves! Gustavo Arellano and William Nericcio on the Librotraficantes for Arizona and More...

It was great being on the radio again today, KPFK to be exact, with the infamous, amazing author of Ask a Mexican and, now, Taco USA--the one and only Gustavo Arellano. Our sequence begins about 20 minutes in, but listen to the whole thing (streaming) if you have an hour or so to burn (while you are updating your Facebook page ;-0). The ipodcast is here.

NOTE: the photo above is from our original Xicanoholic performance at Casa Familiar's theFRONT in San Ysidro--video evidence here.

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  1. It's a great show to be on, Memo! Congratulations on hitting the airwaves. BTW, here is my new La Bloga interview with Gustavo regarding his book, "Taco USA":