Friday, April 13, 2012

Lupe Velez Screenings Coming up on TCM

Stop the presses! Old Friend/Collaborator Kristy Rawson has breaking news:
"Hi: Wanted to pass this along: TCM is doing a Jimmy Durante day. Two of the four films he made with Lupe Vélez are scheduled to air on the 20th: Strictly Dynamite (1934) at 1:45pm est, and and Cuban Love Song (1931) at 9:15am est. The latter features the first major transnational Cuban jazz hit, "El Manicero" (The Peanut Vendor)... CLS was produced to exploit the popularity of "El Manicero" in the U.S., but the film caused big upset in Cuba. These are both historically interesting, problematic films. I don't think either of them is available on DVD yet... (although I could be wrong about that; some Lupe films have been recently released). best, Kristy
Here are some scenes from each cool flick!!!!

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