Monday, August 20, 2012

A Xicano Ancestry and Politico-Cultural Legacy—the San Antonio kid to give the Keynote at the Democratic National Convention ¡orale!

The Democratic Party, showing uncommon good sense, has picked San Antonio, Texas, Mayor Julián Castro to deliver the keynote address at their 2012 National Convention this Fall. Castro is one of the youngest mayors in the nation, and though he seems to walk a subdued and/or disciplined, left-moderate line, in his veins flows a fiery political sangre and the ganas for social justice, as he is the Mexican-American son of Rosie Castro, one the leaders of La Raza Unida Party—that historic 70's civil rights-political movement in Texas hell-bent on defending and inspiring Chicanos/as everywhere.
   Here's the story of this remarkable young Chicano (whether he calls himself this proud label or not) who will speak to millions this Fall. They are, of course, touting him as the "Latino Obama" (which may or not be fair or accurate), and here's a little bit more about the man, the mayor....the mensch mas gente!

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