Friday, October 19, 2007

The Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog Silenced!

update to original 9/21/07 posting!

Regular reader and contributor David O. Garcia sends me an email enquring innocently if I am "familiar with the giant Mexican caricature at the North Carolina/South Carolina border? Here is the website."

Sweet Mother of God--I don't know if I should call them to sell my book or book a charter flight over there for a month-long anthropological investigation. Pedroland with its iconic sleeping "Mexican" leaves me speechless! More soon! The Giant Sombrero--egads!


Equally hard to take? Be sure to read the pitch to buy.


  1. Oh, I think the anthropological investigation is certainly in order. SOTB is a truly bizarre place, where Mexican-stereotype kitsch meets Confederate-flag-waving Dixie. If you go you must fly in either to the north or South and approach SOTB on I-95, so you can see all the billboards on the way:

  2. still waiting on my free copy!!!! yours Memo "el codo" Nericcio. órale!