Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tip of the Sombrero: Charles Ramirez-Berg

On November 1, 2007 at 4pm, I am going to be reading from Tex[t]-Mex at the Cactus Cafe in good old Austin, Texas, in the heart of campus at the Texas Union. If the gods are kind and he doesn't have a class maybe I will finally get to thank Charles Ramirez-Berg for the help he gave me in researching early Hollywood filmed representations of Mexicans in U.S. cinema. In particular, he shared his primary research film dubs of several of the early Greaser film shorts that were the rage for Americans before 1920--the introduction to my book, provided by UT Press online, documents these "classics." In any event, Ramirez-Berg is a legend at UT and beyond, and this recent feature by the University on his work is worth a careful perusal. A tip of the Sombrero and un abrazo fuerte to Professor Ramirez-Berg.

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