Friday, August 01, 2008

Ellen Von Unwerth and Salma Hayek

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I just stumbled across a site that archives photographer Ellen Von Unworth's shots of Salma Hayek--for meditations on 20th and 21st century figurations of the "Mexican" in the Americas, they are priceless. Like Steven Meisel, Von Unworth will figure in a future chapter of my working Eyegiene project. I love the power and passion and everydayness (the chips, the tv) in this shot of Hayek--you can see the playful drive that drove her to play Frida; I just wish she had brought more of this bravado to the film (I blame Hayden Herrera for that, however; you just can't tell the outrageous story of Kahlo by relying on her touted bio).

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