Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Class Coming this Spring, 2009 @ SDSU

My Spring 2009 class at SDSU promises to be a pretty cool experiment; I am excited about teaching in the mornings again as I used to do for years. That and the subject matter of the class promise to keep things interesting during the Spring 2009 term!

One of the inspirations for this class!? Confession time: a memorable New Order show I attended in Austin, Texas back in the 1980s; in their honor, "Bizarre Love Triangle":


  1. Derrida, Foucalt, Fuentes! sounds like a promising course, count me in!
    what movies are we going to be screening? hopefully we can see some course descriptions for S.09 soon

  2. Gracias, gracias..... course descriptions later today!

  3. What a line-up! Sounds very challenging and seductive...

    Estaré allí en espíritu :)