Monday, January 19, 2009

KPFK, Arellano y Nericcio from January 6, 2009!

A couple of weeks back, Gustavo Arellano had me on his KPFK radio show and the streaming re-broadcast just went live--if you use iTunes, use this link. Prefer using your RSS feed reader? Go here and hit the January 6, 2009 episode; there's a great sequence on LA's Taco Truck wars first and you can hear my dulcet tones, along with Gustavo's sweet guttural utterances, around the 20 minute mark!


E.S. chimes in with an SNL skit below--though the joke here is more on Spanish 101 classes than mindless rebroadcast of Latino/a stereotypes!

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  1. By the way, did you happen to catch SNL this weekend and their sketch La Policia Mexicana?