Sunday, November 02, 2008

Roland Barthes in Laredo, Texas

Nostalgia junky that I am, I like to keep tabs on my hometown of Laredo, Texas to see what is going on in that fantabulous and extraordinarily uncanny "gateway to Mexico." Luckily, a very gifted posse of talented macontents with cameras take it upon themselves to document the ironic richness of this singular borderzone. Entitled "La Sanbe," after San Bernardo Avenue, it is a cool site for frontera-loving Tejanos y Tejanas the world over!

You can be instantly teleported to a recent fave posting by hitting the image reproduced here:

I was especially taken with it as it treats with a semiotic subject I am somewhat familiar with--hit this link to see an online version of an unpublished essay on Laredo that will appear as a chapter in a forthcoming book edited by Arturo Aldama and as a chapter in my follow-up to Tex[t]-Mex entitled Eyegiene: Salacious and Sundry Semiotic Speculations on Mass Culture en las Americas.

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