Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tex[t]-Mex: Cultural Ephemera as Hegemonic

We take a break from our usual obsessions with Mexican stereotypes and my recent obsession with the presidential election--yes I have already voted this morning and YES, I voted si se puede for Obama. The break is to post a curious rant on Bratz dolls here.

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  1. Yes, I also have a war going on with these sexualized dolls!
    Why teach your daughter at so young an age our culture might only value her sexual availability?
    Don't get me started on that, we've already written extensively about it.
    Came by today to let you know about the Obama poster we blogged about at 7:00 am today, we linked to the original site, we can't take credit for the cool image.
    But we can pass it along.