Sunday, February 01, 2009

Male Latino Bombshells: Gael García Bernal

My feminist comadres sometimes tease me about the number of Latina lovelies that grace the pages of the galleryblog! Hermanas! Don't shoot the messenger.

In any event, that's why a different Mexihunk© graces the left-hand column of these pages--equal time to please the eyes (and the desire) of any ethnic studies afficionada/o, who is also a student/consumer of the human form. That is re-inculcates the indictments in Tex[t]-Mex regarding the synecdochification (trope-ization) of Mexicanicity with sexuality, we will, for the moment, just have to live with.

This month's "lovely," Gael García Bernal! Here's the original screen capture I took the image from, NSFW, and decidedly provocative...

...and here's García Bernal in a scene from Y tú mama tambien:

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