Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fresh off the brewery! Cerveza Indio coming to Los Estados Unidos.

Indio beer is making a run for the border and coming pronto to a watering hole near you. Heineken revealed that they will be launching Indio in select US markets in California and Texas, including  San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

Indio is a dark beer, very popular with the "mipsters" (that's Mexican hipsters) south of the border due to its successful marketing campaign, which in recent years has revitalized the brand. What was once the dark beer for the Mexican lower class, is now the preferred beer among the younger demographic. The brand has affiliated itself with the Mexican independent music scene, sponsoring the biggest music festival in Latin America,Vive Latino, the Mexican Coachella. 

Watch below for a commercial introducing Indio's new logo.

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