Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Speedy Gonzales's Gringo Nemesis? "Rapid Dave" from Family Guy


The link in the original post below on the "Padre de Familia" episode of Family Guy went dead; Hulu, however is there to the rescue with a despicable outtake that is as reprehensible as it is understandable given the "climate" for Mexicans in America these days;

here's another segment from the same episode only available on AdultSwim:

and here, lastly, a comedic summary of what makes this "comedy" possible:


Fox's Family Guy, "funny TV for young facists," recently featured a satirical episode on patriotism and immigrants. The entire episode is available here courtesy of hulu and aol. Speedy Gonzales's replacement, "Rapid Dave," makes his appearance at the 6:44 point of the video if you want to fast-forward. This animated feature, entitled "Padre de Familia," and written by Seth MacFarlane and David Zuckerman along with Kirker Butler, and directed by Pete Michels, features both fine meditations on stereotypes and base reproductions on the same--viz, the Jewish Porn movie gag (at 5:33). It never fails to amaze me how elements of popular culture evolve with the fluidity of an Ovidian metamorphosis! Brace yourself if you watch the whole episode however! The Mary Poppins sequence, replete with corpses and vomiting, is not worth the price of admission. Neither is the "Mexican" piñata/abortion clinic sequence (watch for the leafblower cameo), which is worthy of Mengele on a bad day.

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  1. TV for young facists? the reason why people have bad views about the show is because they take things much to seriously, somethings are unnessecary, true, but people always have to criticize every little thing that may be slightly offensive, it's no better than the news pundits that they shouldn't be penalized for making more money which they worked "SO HARd" for (really? you are a hot ass news lady that aint earnin shit :P) or the ones that call obama a socialist and claim that asking school kids to decorate christmas ornaments for the white house is brainwashing themand setting them up so there more likely to do whatever he says, when fact is they are the brainwashed ones, they've been so brainwashed they go around over-analyzing and pointing fingers at everyone and everything that isn't on their side or "political party". I think that family guy both enforces and defends against stereotypes as in one episode where it points out disney trying to relate to the black community it is trying to point it out and say "look at this BS they think all black people act like this too" now unforunately alot of blacks brainwashed with the idea of everybody hates black people and everything is unfair they see it as offensive, the same with simple what should be inoffensive jokes about KFC or grape soda or even maids and gardeners or tacos, turns into hate speech when all it is, is a sibling teasing you because you have red hair. i find that if you can't laugh at yourself you have no rights to laugh PERIOD! in case it's not noticed the episode ends with peter growing akin to his new found mexican family and asking for there legal papers also. they don't waste time bothering to mock the people who make these assumptions because they would be construde the same way. I enjoy family guys and have no plans of taking control of my country to exterminate all who are different, i'm quite the oppostie i feel that all should be treated the same and that includes shutting the hell up about being picked on for being a woman or a mexican or black or jewish. if you really look at it we all (now-a-days) get picked on the same. and for whites they don't get picked on so bad or derogatory but it's made up for by the rest of the world hating 'The white man". What we all need to to is sit back take a load off calm the hell down and take our minds off of everything irrelevant (like Stereotypes) and take a joke and just procees "hey that's funnny" or "hey i do that haha" or "hey alot of that does happen hahaha" god gave us a sense of humour for a reason, USE IT!