Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rosario Castellanos

It is hard to find good material on Rosario Castellanos on the internet--either that, or my google-surfing skills are beginning to atrophy. In any event she plays a central role in my work if not my world view--the title of the Tex[t]-Mex chapter on Rita Hayworth reveals some of that debt: "When Electrolysis Proxies for the Existential: A Somewhat Sordid Meditation on What Might Occur if Frantz Fanon, Rosario Castellanos, Jacques Derrida, Gayatri Spivak, and Sandra Cisneros Asked Rita Hayworth Her Name at the Tex[t]-Mex Beauty Parlor." I just found a decent review of her work by Christopher Rollason here.

Another nice piece is here. More on Castellanos, "the woman who knew Latin" in my next collection for UT Press, Eyegiene. The best collection in English is UT Press's The Rosario Castellanos Reader edited by Maureen Ahern--unbelievably out of print! Happily, there seem to be a fair amount of copies on Amazon and other used book outlets.

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