Friday, June 13, 2008

Once a Latin Americanist, Always a Latin Americanist

Back in the day, (1988 to 1999), I was a full-on, licensed, practicing Latin Americanist literary critic publishing essays on Carlos Fuentes and Octavio Paz*, a dissertation on alienation in Latin American Literature† and so on y so on. 

These days, visual media cultural studies take up a lot of my plate and I find my old school Latin Americanist roots melding with my new school semiotic obsessions--hence this quick link to's cool new Big Picture blog and an entry on Brazil. Amazing photography and more.


*Siglo XX/20th Century: Critique & Cultural Discourse, 10:1-2 1992-93
The Politics of Solitude: Alienation in the Literatures of America. Ph.D. Dissertation, Cornell University, 1989. Abstract in Dissertation Abstracts International (June 1990), 50(12):3943-A.

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