Thursday, June 05, 2008

Leon Lanzbom Back in the Mexican Casa...

That incorrigible hack grammarian and Southern California institution, Leon Lanzbom, writes in to lament the fact that Mexicans and their ancestors invented "writing."

Here's his screed:

Oh no! Mexicans came up with writing?!!!! Say it ain't so, slugger, say it ain't so.

Old script rewrites New World history

Slab in Mexico dates to 900 BC

By Gareth Cook, Globe Staff | September 15, 2006

Scientists announced yesterday that they have discovered ancient writing, carved in stone, that dramatically pushes back the dawn of writing in the Americas.

The Cascajal block, a slab of rock named for a site in south central Mexico where it was found, dates to about 900 BC, the scientists said. The text is written in previously unknown script and is four centuries older than any known New World writing, they said. It was authored by the Olmec, a people famous for the massive sculpted stone heads they left behind in the dense tropical forest.

The stone is carved with 62 symbols, some of which appear to be depictions of maize, an animal skin, a fish, and a dart tip. They appear in groups that run horizontally, and some are repeated. It is not known what the text means.

The Galleryblog is in Sir Lanzbom's debt for bringing this to our attention! mazel tov!

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