Thursday, June 05, 2008

Martha Higareda to Play Chicana Opposite Keanu Reeves

I love this interview (or here, practice your Spanish!) with Mexican actress Martha Higareda in the modestly anemic Keanu Reeves/Forest Whitaker romp, Street Kings. It is so squeaky clean and normal, it might have appeared in the pages of the St. Augustine Knights, my first writing/editing gig back in high schoool. The only fly in its ointment? The interviewer's amazement and glee over Higareda erasing her Spanish accent for the role. Hell, if Rita Hayworth can undergo a year of electrolysis to shed the phrenologist's/eugenicist's curse of a swarthy hairline, the least our latter-day Latina miss can do is elide her curséd Mexican traces! Luckily, the cultural genes of this latter-day trodder of boards are hard and down.

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