Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Most Interesting Man Spots for Dos Equis: Stay Thirsty for Next Generation Latino Mannequins

Equally curious as Salma's shilling of Campari in the last micro-post are the doings of actor Jonathan Goldsmith (the latest in a long line of non-Latino "Latino" actors) in Dos Equis & RSCG Worldwide's "most interesting man"/"stay thirsty" advertising blitz:

and, more!

This feo, 'freso,' suave, viejo/patrón actually has a whole website allied to his viejito high society/high sosiégate charms!

The advertising community is following the smooth cabrón closely: the next "Juan Valdez" says a lot. More in the works.

Here's the team behind the ad:

Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World - Intro”
Euro RSCG Worldwide/New York

The “most interesting man in the world” is a party animal whose “beard alone has experienced more than most men” and “whose blood smells like cologne.” He tells us that he doesn’t always drink beer, but his beer of choice is Dos Equis. “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

Creative Credits
Executive CD: Jeff Kling
Creative Directors: Anthony Sperdutti, Nick Cohen
Art Director: Karl Lieberman
Copywriter: Brandon Henderson
Executive Producers: Joe Guyt, Cathy Pitegoff
Sr. Producer: Dan Fried
Production Company: York
Director: Steve Miller
Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt
Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo/Outside Editorial, New York
Asst. Editor: Carmen Maxcy/Outside Editorial, New York
Graphic Designer: Graham Clifford/Outside Editorial, New York
Visual Effects Artist: Steve Mottershead/Outside Editorial, New York
Colorist: Tom Poole/The Mill, New York
Audio Engineer/Mixer: Eric Thompson/Berwyn Audio, New York
Composer: Brett Fuchs/Berwyn Audio, New York
Principal Talent: Jonathan Goldsmith

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