Friday, June 28, 2013

Que Esto y Que Lo Otro. Companies Drop Paula Deen but Cooler Heads Prevail

Yes whatever, more folks fled the Deen Stink. We got it, instead of wasting your eyeballs on how Deen will go from multi-millioniare to a paultry millionaire,  read this fabulous open letter from the creator of the blog Afroculinaria:

..."It takes a lifetime to unlearn taught prejudice or socially mandated racism or even get over strings of negative experiences we’ve had with groups outside of our own.  We have a really lousy language—and I don’t just mean because we took a Spanish and Portuguese word (negro) and turned into the most recognizable racial slur on earth…in any language…because we have a million and one ways to hate, disdain, prejudge, discriminate and yet we hide behind a few paltry words like racism, bigotry, prejudice when we damn well know that we have thousands of words for cars—because we LOVE cars….and food—because we LOVE food—and yet in this language you and I share, how we break down patterns of thought that lead to social discord like racism, are sorely lacking.  We are a clever people at hiding our obsessions with downgrading the other."

Check the rest here:

Photo Courtesy of: Johnathan M. Lewis

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