Friday, June 28, 2013

You Can't Read What's for Deener Anymore

While you can still take a Royal Caribbean Cruise with Paula Deen, you won't be able to read her newest book. ¿Porqué? Well, because Ballantine Books, Deen's publisher cancelled the October publication date. La Deen is fighting back now. She's not being the shrinking violet asking for vapors while she's fainting on live TV asking for empathy. In order to discredit the white woman who is suing her, Deen is doing some math to determine the difference between half-black, white and half-Hispanic. I am sure we will find out how all of this is relevant soon enough.

QVC has not backed away from their association with Deen. They're probably waiting to see how much caca is still being splattered from the fan. And how about that title? A bit grandiose or what? New Testament! Si tú. Messiah complex much?

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