Monday, June 24, 2013

Vampire Woman Anne Rice is Sprinklin' Garlic and Crucifixes on Deen Debate

Using the term a " lynch mob culture" and "cruxifiction," Author Anne Rice comes to the defense of Paula Deen by saying everyone is overreacting and that we just don't get the South. The whole thing, according to Rice, is a bit of a reverse racism. Plus, Deen's just an old lady from the South who said crude things in private. She doesn't know any better! Here's the thing though, Anne Rice and other folks: There is a lawsuit against Paula Deen (and her brother) for discrimination. The lawsuit, is the reason why this southern lady information has come out.

Yes her contract didn't get renewed. I am not an exec at the Food Network, but I would guess that they don't consider this a minor southern lady bleep. The woman is not senile. She represents a brand. This is no different than when company stop dropping athletes for doing things that negatively reflect on an investment. This conversation is about a lot more than her use of the n- word.

Anne Rice is saying that Paula Deen might be a nice person. We're not defining the word nice here, or simply the use of the N-word, or debating how good of a person Paula Deen is. She's a public persona in the public eye and what she says matters. If it didn't, she wouldn't be parading around with a butter mascot rebuking bad diets trying to convince people to change their ways. People listen and they don't want to hear cooking ideas from a woman who can't shake her southern views of race.
Anne Rice, who admits to have never heard about Paula Deen before because I guess her coffin didn't get the Food Network, has jumped into the conversation fully. Her Facebook page has probably never seen so much activity. The narrowness of her responses to the objections of her phrasings is mesmerizing.
Here's a dish which could now be gifted from Deen to Rice as a thank you gift for the support

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