Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Seedy Gonzales" An On the Road Posting from Oberlin College

Here I am in lovely Oberlin, Ohio, a guest of the dynamic student organization, La Alianza Latina, on remote broadcast from the Mudd Library (rumored by local chismosas--can you say Marisól LeBron?--to be designed as an architecturally salacious, ersatz pudendum!). Esconsed from the elements in Mudd perusing emails, I've discovered that my Studio City, California correspondent Josie Nericcio, film-school, sound editor (Technicolor!) y mi hermana sent me the following link from the Daily Show entitled "Seedy Gonzales." As Tex[t]-Mex traffics in the universe of all things Speedy, it is fitting that these visual memes appear here:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chief Justice Antonin Scalia--Sir Dago Red!

What a conundrum! My name is William Anthony Nericcio--mostly Mexican, but a significant part of me is Sicilian as well! So what am I supposed to do with that literalist wanker Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia that W. put on the Supreme Court--a guy that makes Clarence Thomas appear Leftist? I guess I will let the story speak for itself.