Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cool Blog Discovery Out of Mexico City, I KNOW HUH

The BBC on Next-Generation Latinos

Beyond Blonde Brazilian Models | The New York Times

Thanks to Maria Carla Sanchez, profe, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and former fellow SDSU Lit-Profe-Partner-in-Crime, for the link--hit the photographer for the story.

More on the Sergio Adrian Hernández Killing in El Paso/Juarez by the Border Patrol

The article is here. Hit the image above for the WSJ slideshow--brace for tears.

FILO AL FUEGO | BLADE TO THE HEAT invading South Florida!!! See it if you can!!!!

Miami bound? Here's something you have to do while there.... Oliver Mayer's play is amazing! And not just because I edited a book that includes it! {ok, maybe a little bit! ;-0}... check out the graphics, here, below, and then go here for more info!

Speedy Gonzales in Illinois! A Sighting...

Regular correspondent David Diego Rodríguez send in some Speedy Gonzales-laced snapshots from his vacation! David writes:

From: David Diego Rodriguez
Subject: Speedy Gonzalez
To: Bill Nericcio

Hi Bill,

Yesterday I was at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. I thought you might be interested in these signs I saw there.
and, I was! here they are! click them to make them grow....

Amnesty International: Justice for the Women of Atenco