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1994 Was a Very Good Year... Edward James Olmos @ SDSU

16 years fly by way too fast! Rosalinda Nericcio, Edward James Olmos and yours truly at SDSU in 1994--the year Olmos made A Million to Juan and The Burning Season.

Pop Surrealism Vanguardist Mark Ryden via

Click the image to your left for an extraordinary video documenting Mark Ryden's art via timelapse photography. Ryden's work, along with Tara McPherson, form part of our required works for English 563, Spring 2010 at SDSU. McPherson's work will loom large in one of the chapters of my new book, Eyegiene: Permutations of Subjectivity in the Televisual Age of Sex and Race, coming out next year (hopefully) with The University of Texas Press.

Charles Ramírez Berg on Bandits, Mexican Stereotypes, and More....

and, por supuesto, a heaping serving of cinematic "Mexican" bandit goodness:

Gronk is Up to Art in LA!!!!

There is no good reason to post this...

There is no good reason to post this picture of Adam West as Batman; however, there is no good reason not to.... so.....


Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Gustavo Arellano Show on KPFK! April 1, 2010

Today's show on with the one and only Gustavo Arellano at the helm is already on the internets streaming; give it a listen and leave a comment! Thanks to all the listeners who wrote in to drop a line. As always, there are three ways to listen: podcast (xml), streaming, and direct download.

Text-SEX: Gustavo Arellano Writes in with a Sassy, Salacious Linkaso!

original posting | May 18. 2008 | update below!

Color me a Señor Puri Mother Superior (candid photo below), but I try to keep this blog R-rated "clean"--HBO-level adult, but with nothing too gnarlyporny in case the kiddies get hold of this.

At the old school blog (the first version of this site), I broke this rule
once [direct link], but I had to--there is just no R-rated way to deal with the X-rated outrageousness of connotations orbiting the phenomenon of the Dirty Sanchez!

So it is that today, we find ourselves going blue again here with two recent correspondent-authored email-notes to me from regular Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog malcontents (the truly 'regular gang of idiots'!) Gustavo Arellano and Michael Wyatt Harper.


Arellano, of Ask-A-Mexican fame, and shortly, the historian laureate of Orange County, writes in with this pithy clever screed:

Sat, 17 May 2008 11:13:48 -07=0
From: Gustavo
Subject: R=:
To: Memo

Here's a link for the blog:

The chica is Brazzers-worthy, but what kind of costume is that supposed to be.
Arellano's outing himself as one with intimate knowledge of Brazzers (Not Safe, believe me, not safe at all!) websites, can only mean someone's going to be doing some quality time in the heated pits of purgatory!

The very same day, Harper hits my web-box with [beware, NSFW] this curious site [hmm...on second thought, this one is relatively safe for work, just a series of flash or animated gifs of a cavorting Latina subjectivity] [update: "safe for work if you live in a brothel," a thoughtful reader writes in!] with the title Selena's nice a**--no doubt Harper's "research" was intended to solicit some long soliloquy from me on the objectification of the Latina subjectivity or some other sort of monologue, but Rosario Castellanos's critical writings from Mexico in the 60s taught be to always be careful before pulling that schtick too easily.

The dynamic duo of Arellano and Harper need not have bothered befouling my in-box with their filthy missives. I already am on the record in Tex[t]-Mex arguing that in the 20th century and after the glory days of Hollywood Film, Mexicans (and Latinos/as of all stripes--the masses are not universally know for ethnographic sensitivity) become synecdoche for a kind of implicitly, always-already tumescent/moist sexuality.

In the future, Arellano and Harper had best stay out of my in-box! Santa Maria! more innuendo! It's twelve Hail Marys and 7 Our Fathers for this recovering Catholic.

Dios Mio
, over and out....

ps: speaking of Rosario Castellanos--I can't believe her amazing Reader is out of print with U.T. Press--here is a poem by the former ambassador to Israel for Mexico and Mexican theorist whose work anticipated and coincided with Frenchie divas Luce Irigaray and Julia Kristeva.

Memorial of Tlatelolco

Rosario Castellanos

And who saw that brief, vivid flash of light?
Who is the one who kills?
Who are the ones who breathe their last; who die?
Who are the ones fleeing without their shoes?
Who are the ones belonging to the deep well of jails?
Who are the ones rotting in hospital?
Who are the ones struck dumb, forever, with horror?
Who? Who are the ones? Nobody. The next morning, nobody.
They found the square was swept clean. The front pages of the newspapers were full of the state of the weather. And on the television, on the radio, in the cinema, there was no change of programming, no special announcement. Not any meaningful silence in the midst of the banquet, because the banquet went on.
Don't look for what isn't there: traces, bodies, it's all been given as an offering to a godess, the Great Devourer of Excrement...
There are no official records.
Yet the fact is I can touch a wound.
In my memory it hurts, therefore it's true.
I remember. We remember.
That's our way of helping the very brave on so many a stained mind...
I remember.
Let's all remember until justice becomes clear among us.

Thursday | April 8, 2010

This just in from utterly sucio and disturbing rumor concerning Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Nazis, Videos, and, of course, the Dirty Sanchez!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

KPFK Tomorrow, Thursday, April 1, 2010, at 3pm, with Gustavo Arellano!!! Still Black or White: Why the Census Misreads Hispanics

I will be on KPFK from 3 to 4pm tomorrow with Gustavo Arellano talking about the 2010 US Census, Ricky Martin's newly declared sexual orientation (breaking "rumors" suggest he just may be gay!), George Lopez's decision to reanimate Speedy Gonzales and much much more; tune in here. Here's an op-ed on the Census from Time that hits most of the major points of the issue.

Cesar Chavez! Que Viva Cesar Chavez!

Media Matters Tracks the Rise of Neo-Anti-Immigration Rhetoric/Movements

Mexican Narco Cinema on

New Book on Jaime Hernandez: The Art of Jaime Hernandez

Get your hands on one of my books ...