Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mexican Food is Getting Serious! CHIPOTLE! Are you BEARish or BULLish on your Burritos!?

Mami Chula's! Laredo's Original or The Ice Housiest of Ice Houses... via QUE FREGADOS


I tried my own guerrilla-style, video-verite assault on this frontera cultural studies mecca last year...

Textmex Galleryblog Video Edition from Tex[t] Mex on Vimeo.

A mad dash up to the gates of the Mami Chula Drive-In Beer Run in Laredo, Texas, from May 2010, with Bill Nericcio, author and ringleader of the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog. Our mad hopes of immortalizing a Laredo original is dashed by the muted, stern intervention of a beer vending manager.

Cinematography: Lila Nericcio

Eva Mendes: 21st Century Latina Bombshell

original posting 5/26/2008 | update below: 1/13/2011

Were the shade of our dear departed guru of deconstruction Jacques Derrida be asked to comment on the dynamics of the Latina femme fatale, he might well answer with one of his "always already" lines as in "the liminal space of the Latina feminine is always already a return, a resurrection, a renaissance."

Hitting the image above will take you to Steven Meisel's Italian VOGUE site; hit Archivio and then Maggio 2008 for the Mendes/Meisel collaboration.

This came to mind as I stumbled upon Vogue Italy's recent photoshoot with the Los Angeles-raised, Cuban-American actor Eva Mendes; click either of the two larger images above to be transported to an eyegienically sublime portfolio of Mendes lensed by Steven Meisel. Meisel's work here is striking, Mendes' almost sinematically profound--collaborating, the two have concocted next-gen "motion pictures," black and white and color still photography that pans and darts across your computer screen (the tossed shoe in the initial photograph is worthy of Orson Welles). Think the Ken Burns effect but with Helmut Newton's eye, or Humbert Humbert's or Man Ray's or Diane Arbus'... your call.

Meisel's work is glossed here in the NYTimes and here, another striking shoot, of post-operative models in rehab. Several Meisel collections are archived here at Art and Commerce.

Update, January 13, 2011

Mendes toys around with her celebrity in an utterly postmodern video from Funny or Die...

postscript.... I just ran across a nice piece from the Nordicom Review that includes lucid insights on elements of Meisel's work.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Skin Whitening in the NEWS! Elle Magazine Edition

Speedy Gonzales! Poster Child for Virgin Broadband in the UK

A big tip of the sombrero to Marisa Smith, our UK correspondent who sends word that Speedy Gonzales is the icon for fast, sexy broadband internet deliciousness from Virgin! Hit the image above to see Speedy as a Virgin photomodel--hit below for more on the campaign and, below that, the premiere commercial for the series...

Viva the Vinyl Revolution!

¡Eso! The amigos at Kidrobot are bringing back the ultra cool series Azteca 2.
Like you don't want each and every single one of these? Did you see they have a Mario Moreno Cantínflas? A luchador? Frida? Mariachis? A virgencita? Want em? Then you need to figure out how to get yourself a case on January 20th!