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Old School! Autobiographies at La Frontera from 1988 in Americas Review

original posting: 5/21/08

In 1988, when I was still a wee young thing, finishing my dissertation in Comparative Literature at Cornell and working as an assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut, I published my first essay in a journal called Americas Review (née Revista Chicano-Riqueña) edited by Nikolás Kanellos and published by Arte Público out of Houston. It's really a shame that the journal, now defunct, has not made its way online through google booksearch or the like. In any event, I recently scanned my piece from its special issue on autobiography and am making it available here as a downloadable .pdf document. Here's the full reference:

Nericcio, William A. "Autobiographies at La Frontera: The Quest for Mexican-American Narrative." The Americas Review 16.3-4 (1988): 165-87.

Also scanned and archived here from that remarkable issue is Tino Villanueva's classic interview with Hollywood icon, Anthony Quinn:

Villanueva, Tino, "Autobiographical Disclosures: Tino Villanueva Interviews Anthony Quinn," The Americas Review 16.3-4 (1988): 110-42

Your Murals are Too Swarthy and I Hate What You Draw | Just Another Day in Arizona

Thanks to Alexandro Jose Gradilla for the headsup on this story...

The MLA Holds Forth on Arizona's Legislated Lunacy

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Ugly Inside and Out | The Face of Race Hate | Click Through for the Latest Arizona Desmadre

The War on Ethnic Studies | KPFK.ORG | Gustavo Arellano Radio Show | June 3, 2010 |

Yours truly, Bill Nericcio, the ringleader for The Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog, was on the radio today with Chicano miscreant and OC Weekly columnist Gustavo Arellano. I come on at the 25-minute mark or so. The show is available directly from the KPFK Archive page or here as a podcast, stream, or download. The topic for today's show are the origins and the strategies implicit in the recent attacks on Ethnic Studies in Arizona and beyond.

Here's a short piece on ethnic studies from Colorlines. Other noteworthy postings are included here as well from The LA Times, and The New York Times. Marc Cooper's piece from The Nation, on the recent anti-anti-immigration Arizona laws is also worth a look.

Los Lobos Cancel Arizona Shows!

Here, Not There Gallery Opening at the MCASD or San Diego Artists Run Amok

Here, Not There: San Diego Art Now is opening this weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, MCASD. It's a rad, dynamic, huge show featuring the work of SoCal's most provocative artists--the list of players is formidable and includes:
David Adey, Agitprop, Adam Belt, Susannah Bielak, Brian Black and Ryan Bulis, Kelsey Brookes, Sheldon Brown, Micha Cárdenas and Elle Mehrmand, Brian Dick, Tom Driscoll, Kelly Eginton, Electronic Disturbance Theater/b.a.n.g. lab, James Enos, Steve Gibson, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Matthew Hebert, John Brinton Hogan, Jeff Irwin, Glenna Jennings, Wendell Kling, John Oliver Lewis, Lev Manovich and William Huber, Heather Gwen Martin, May-Ling Martinez, Jessica McCambly, Gretchen Mercedes, Patricia Montoya, Ingram Ober, Christopher Puzio, Andy Ralph, Marisol Rendon, Allison Renshaw, Jason Sherry and Matt Hoyt, Tristan Shone, The Border Corps (Armando de la Torre, Anthony Vasquez, Endy, Perry Vasquez, and Shondra Dawson), Stephen Tompkins, Michael Trigilio, Robert Twomey, Zlatan Vukosavljevic, Vicki Walsh, and Allison Wiese.
Guillermo Nericcio García, my, er, "cousin," has a very small piece, "False Cognates," nestled within a 'zine hosted by a tamale cart, as part of Anthony (Perry) Vasquez's work included in this gallery exhibition. The opening is this Saturday night.

False Cognates, ink, 2010, Guillermo Nericcio García ©/S

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The BBC on the Undocumented Mexican Worker Death (Anastasio Hernandez) via Taser Incident


More Chicano Batman Stuff

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Gender Studies Chicana Professor Jeered in University of Arizona Commencement

Click the image to your right for the story--part of her presentation appears below:

The Xicanosmotic Aural Stylings of CHICANO BATMAN

The War on Ethnic Studies, Arizona Edition | Ask a Mexican by Gustavo Arellano

Gustavo Arellano! Enemy of the World! But Friend to Parents Who Have Better Things to do Than Go to Their Kid's Commencement!

Hit the image to your left for a Gustavo Arellano's hilarious piece on UCLA-Mexi-loathers incensed by the temerity of his speaking at their kids' graduation at UCLA. Listen in tomorrow after 3:15pm or so on KPFK--Arellano and yours truly will be holding forth on the radio regarding the Chicano Studies, Ethnic Studies, Arizona, Anti-Mexican fervor, and more.

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